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Laser Lenses

D-Pulse control YAG laser
D-Pulse control YAG laser

High operability with multi-functional Smart Switch on joystick

Fast repetition rate with unique D-Pulse control. D-Pulse technology controls pulse number under the CPU and provide 3 Hz (single) and 1.5 Hz (burst) fast repetition rate. High operability with multi-functional Smart Switch on joystick. The Smart switch located on the Joystick provides high operability. Three actions are selectable among Energy up, Energy down, Aiming up, Aiming down, Ready/Standby, Burst, and Reset. Dual aiming beam rotating 360 degrees for accurate alignment. The dual 635 nm aiming beams offer superior visibility. 360-degree manual rotation of the aiming beams allows accurate alignment and provides safe and efficient treatment.

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Diagnostic and Surgical Lenses
Diagnostic & Surgical Lenses

Whole collection of Surgical Lenses

  • Classic Indirect BIO Lenses 1-3
  • Digital Series Indirect BIO Lenses 4
  • Classic Slit Lamp Lenses 5-6
  • Super Series Slit Lamp Lenses 7-8
  • Digital Series Slit Lamp Lenses 9-10
  • Indirect Contact Laser Lenses 11-13
  • Direct Contact Laser Lenses 14
  • Specialty Treatment Laser Lenses 15-16
  • Gonio Lenses 17-19
  • Surgical Gonio Lenses 20
  • Volk®1 Single Use Laser & Gonio Lenses 21
  • Pictor Plus 23
  • Volk iNview 24
  • Volk Eye Check 25
  • Merlin Surgical System & ROLS® Reinverter 27-28
  • Indirect Surgical Vitrecomy Lenses 29-30
  • Autoclaveable Surgical Lenses 31-32
  • Direct Surgical Vitrecomy Lenses (High Resolution) 33-34
  • Direct Surgical Vitrecomy Lenses (Self Stabilizing) 35-36
  • Volk®1 Single Use Surgical BIO & Direct Vitrecomy Lenses

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Ophthalmic Yag Laser System YC-1800
Ophthalmic Yag Laser System YC-1800

The "Smart Switch" located on the joystick provides high operability, allowing doctors to change parameters (Energy up, Energy down and Ready / Standby*) while holding the joystick. Permits faster and easier operation, and eliminates need to look away from oculars to make parameter adjustments.

The YC-1800 can be easily connected to NIDEK’s Green Laser Photocoagulator (GYC-1000), allowing treatment of a wider range of patients and indications. Space requirements are minimized, and the combination adapter (optional) includes the split mirror illumination tower.

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