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About Us

Who we are

We are Bharat Biomedix - Distributor of Biomedical Equipments, Surgical Ophthalmic Drapes and Disposable Sterile Gown in Mumbai

Founded in the 2000, Bharat Bio-Medix is an established company distributing high class surgical instrumentation across Mumbai and India. Bharat Bio-Medix founded after recognising and meeting the need for a versatile and service orientated specialist surgical instrument provider. We accurately assess each requirement and source the best solution without being limited to a range of any particular manufacturer.

Bharat Bio-Medix has expanded its range of product and facilities and now is firmly established as a key supplier of Operating Microscopes, Auto Refractometers, Keratometers, Slit Lamps, Laser Lenses, Surgical Drapes, Dust Covers and many more.

Bharat Bio-Medix has a streamlined fast and effective response to enquiries, reliable deliveries, competitive prices and efficient after-sales service.

We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, resulting in a successful accreditation of our quality assurance system.

Our facilities incorporate a large, modern warehouse stocked with an extensive range of instruments, spare parts and accessories. In addition, we have a fully equipped repair and maintenance division complete with dust free environment and an instrument testing department to meet the ISO9001 standards.

At Bharat Bio-Medix, we aim to build partnerships for life and our customers have come to expect only the best in service from us. You can rely on our expert advice! Our friendly and customer focused staff are always pleased to help you with any questions you might have.

Our broad instrument range enables us to provide individual solutions for our customers’ often with very complex requirements. Co-operating with carefully selected suppliers we provide the suitable item – in due time and at a competitive price.

Our interactive website has a customer orientated approach and places the customer in the driving seat with access to quality information available at their fingertips. Customer can use the site login portal to build quotes & cross match all with just a few clicks!

Surgeons are highly talented and skilled individuals. They operate under significant time constraints and are required to make split second decisions while performing complex operations. At Bharat Bio-Medix, we understand that in such a scenario the surgeon requires tools that are not just fit for the purpose but are reliable, dependable and crafted by a company that has a track record for relentless pursuit for excellence in the making of surgical instruments.